What are cream chargers used for?

Cream chargers contain nitrous oxide (N2O) which is used as a whipping agent to create whipped cream. The chargers contain pressurised gas which is released, when inserted into a suitable whipper or dispenser, creating whipped cream. Whipped cream has a variety of culinary uses and is used by cafes, coffee shops and bakers, as well as private individuals.

Which cream chargers do Speedy Whipped Creams supply?

Speedy Whipped Creams supply a broad range of cream chargers which are suitable for use with most cream whippers. Our stock includes cream chargers from the world’s leading brands, including: MOSA, LISS, Mr Whip, ISI, SFG and Supreme Whip. We offer a range of wholesale and retail buying options. Click here to see our range of products.

Where do Speedy Whipped Creams deliver?

Speedy Whipped Creams deliver across the United Kingdom. However, we also operate a local delivery service in and around Manchester. Our twenty-four hour local delivery service offers a round the clock door to door service, in and around the Manchester area. Contact us today to book your same-day delivery.

Do cream chargers provide a ‘legal high’?

Cream chargers contain nitrous oxide which is a legally proscribed a psychoactive substance. According to the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act, the use, sale and distribution of nitrous oxide for its psychoactive properties is illegal. Speedy Whipped Creams provide cream chargers for catering use only.

Are cream chargers harmful to health?

Cream chargers are steel cylinders which contain highly pressurised N20. When used against manufacturer’s instructions, they can cause serious harm. If the sealed containers are pierced improperly, the escaping pressurised gas can cause injury. Moreover, the inhalation of N2O has serious consequences for health. Recently, various reports have emerged detailing serious health consequences caused by the inhalation of nitrous oxide and its use as a recreational drug.